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In modern society, the problem of stress becomes extremely urgent. In a stressful state, teenagers also fall due to acute, prolonged conflicts in the family or school. Sometimes people suffer from feelings of loneliness, the absence of close friends or break with them, failures in relations with persons of the opposite sex. Not all teenagers are ready for such tests, not everyone can reasonably behave in such situations. Sometimes it seems to them that drugs should be used to get out of this state, in other words, drugs.

If this topic is chosen by you as the topic of your essay and dissertation writing, you must first determine its structure. Example of other essays you can find on our site.

So, consider the structure of the essay, although the essay does not have a special structure, this structure is designed to direct your thoughts in the right direction when structuring the essay. A mandatory and basic condition for writing an essay is the availability of a topic that is the title of your work.

Structure of your essay about drugs

The title page – its structure is predetermined in advance and fill in according to the uniform form accepted in the educational institution.

Introduction – here it is necessary to state the essence, purpose, and justification of the choice of the topic. The introduction consists of a logically and stylistically connected series of components. At this stage, you should clearly formulate the question, the answer to which you intend to state in the course of disclosure of the topic of the essay.

The main part – this part implies full disclosure and argumentation of the main problem, the main issue. It is important to know that one paragraph should contain only one statement, which is highlighted by a heading, and, of course, an appropriate proof that can be diversified with graphics and illustrated material.

Conclusion – this paragraph usually describes its own generalizations and conclusions arising from the consideration of the topic. Similarly, an essay may contain an indication of the application of the study, which does not exclude the relationship with other problems. Here you also need to indicate your negative attitude towards drugs.

Advice on a standard set of errors when you write an essay about drugs

It is not necessary to take an essay already written by someone, make a bet on the novelty, certainly it is risky, but it’s worth it. Moreover, if the cited sources by you are presented correctly, and you have made your own conclusions, thoroughly reasoned, this is more than half of the success;

It is not necessary to apply for an essay on the Internet, this does not play into your hands, as the topics of the essay are checked and people who often work with essays, of course, know about the Internet and its capabilities.

It is very important when a teenager writes an essay on this topic.

First, gathering information about the consequences of drug use (either from the periodical press or from personal experience) and selecting the appropriate arguments and facts, convinces, first of all, yourself. Thus, a negative attitude towards drugs is developed, and an own evaluation of the problem is formed. In addition, by letting through your minds, through your hearts, the fate of relatives and friends, the authors of the works get sympathy for the drug addict as a suffering person, but they condemn (possessing the facts) drug addiction as a social phenomenon.

Secondly, the information contained in the works affects not only the author himself but also the readers of his peers. The best compositions must be used in the future. It is desirable that on a class hour, a thematic meeting the author himself could read his essay in his class, parallel or junior classes. If the school has a theater group (studio), then the works can be presented in the form of literary editing. You can find other forms of presentation for yourself. The main thing that we all need to remember when preparing anti-drug activities for young people is that information directed at a teenager is better perceived and taken into account if it comes from another teenager.

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