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Some people may think that in literature review writing it is enough to read the book, then just to say whether you like it or not. This is not true. Literary Review writing is a review of various publications on the same topic, from a series of books and ending with shorter pieces, such as brochures. Sometimes the literature definition writing is part of a larger research work. Its goal is to prevent the duplication of efforts, to resolve conflicts, as well as chart the way for further research. If you don’t know how to write literature review, our company can help you with it.

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How to write a literature review

If you decide to write a literature review by yourself, then first – find the main idea. You do not just collect sources and summarize what they say. You have to understand what topics and ideas connect sources together. Think about these books is about a group of friends, arguing on the same topic. What do they suggest? What they have in common and how they differ?

Now that you have identified the main idea, it is time to formulate a succinct statement. You might think that literature review definitions have thesis statements. This is partly true, and not true: there are abstracts in them, but they are completely different. Also, our literature review writing service advises using the correct quotes in your paper. Your task is to determine what kinds of registration of quotations in the text you should use. Often teachers require strict design quotes.

Don’t forget to write your review of the plan. This will help writing a literature review and to express your thoughts in a certain sequence, which will facilitate the work of writing.

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