How to write an essay about failure

In life, there are times when entering the university you have not only to talk about your flaws but to give an example when you failed in your life. Both of these topics are equally unpleasant, but between them, there is a significant difference, which can not be forgotten.

For example, in an essay about the failure you can mention shortcomings, but first of all, you should write about the specific case of life, when the circumstances were not as you would like them to be. Then you should write what lesson you learned from a bad situation and whether you used the experience in the future. If, for example, you worked in a team on some project which did not succeed, do not blame your colleagues.

You need to be able to be responsible for your actions – it is the only way that will show the admissions committee that the experience has taught you something. Disadvantages are certain traits that are always present. They don’t give a person a possibility to develop or achieve their goals but to get rid of them. I’m sorry that I have to explain the obvious things, but many applicants don’t seem to see the difference and describe the faults instead of failures and vice versa.

Help me to write an essay about failure

Talking about their weaknesses, you can emphasize your positive features or show how you learned to overcome difficulties. Similarly, honestly admitting your failures, you may make a good impression on the selection committee. Do not be afraid to talk about the failures in the essay: writing about your difficult career path, you’ll demonstrate awareness, ability to learn from your mistakes, maturity, and dedication.

All these qualities are highly valued in business schools. In the end, you have all the chances not only to enter the university but also to receive the award. Sometimes, you have to write about the difficulties you face in life. Here we should quote other examples: the death of a close relative, severe illness or other circumstances because of which you were in a difficult position. These are the circumstances that do not depend on you – do not confuse them with professional mistakes.

The disease, for example, can also prevent a person from achieving a goal, but it cannot be considered as a disadvantage. Therefore, you should carefully read essay topics. You should understand what the requirements are and answer strictly the question. The selection committee needs specific information; if you confuse the topics of essays you can lose the chance of entering the university.

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