Essay about the American Dream Writing Guide

The American dream is something that in America is considered the ideal life, including prosperity and success for every citizen of the United States.

There is no clear definition of the “American dream”, but every resident of the United States puts into it their own ideas of a great future. It is considered that fundamentally the American dream has the following concepts:

  1. individual freedom and free enterprise;
  2. “self-made person” (i.e. the person who have achieved success in life independently, and through hard work) and well-paid work;
  3. reputation and the process of transition from one social class to another, higher one, of course.

For many people in the US, the American dream is equated with a private home built on their own income on their land with a large courtyard, car, big happy family, and friendly neighbors.

What is the essay about the American dream?

In essence, an essay is a short free composition, which expresses the personal experiences and thoughts of the author on any matter or issue. The text may address the philosophical, journalistic, historical, literary, and popular scientific topics.

What’s the point?

Lecturers at the University and organizers of competitions like an essay, because it’s a great way of developing creative thinking and practicing written presentation of ideas. The work shows how a person identifies causal relationships, structures information and argues to conclusions.

How to write an essay on the American dream?

The topic should be specific. In an essay about the American dream you should only respond to one question: “What is the American dream?” It does not have a strict structure, but it is desirable to present it in the form of short abstracts and to support your arguments [facts, public events, phenomena, experience, scientific justification, references to the opinion of authoritative personalities, and so on]. In order to make a proof in favor of the thesis compelling, you should write two arguments, but not more, it will “overload” the text.

In the introduction and conclusion you should focus your attention on the problem: in the first paragraph you should identify it, and make the conclusion in the last paragraph. In order to have a coherent essay, you should try to logically link the fragments together.

Use the benefits of the artistic and journalistic style to the maximum. Don’t be afraid to be emotional, expressive, to show a sense of humor. You show your personality in such a way. Making reference to the words of authoritative people, you should explain why you have chosen them.

Try to impress the reader with bright sayings, aphorisms. Don’t be afraid to argue with them, push conflicting claims. Then the text will seem interesting and memorable.

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