An Essay about failure writing guide

An essay about mother is a difficult task about the closest relative. This topic is given in elementary school and then in high school. You need to understand what you want to write, to put down, brief, and then deployed plan and then you should start to write down your thoughts. How should you write a plan of an essay? You have to carefully read the title and write all you want to say. If an essay about my mother is not limited to one subject, then you can definitely develop the plot of your story in any direction.

Structure of an essay about my mother

An essay must have an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion.

In the introduction you need to name the subject, to speculate about the meaning of what you have to write in the main part. It should not be very large, 4-6 sentences are sufficient if it is a secondary composition by volume. The description of the mother should be placed in the first part. Tell us about the appearance, character, and work of the most valuable woman in your life. The concluding sentence of the entry should make some kind of enticing idea. For example: “my mom and I share many fun stories, and I will tell you now one of them.” So you encourage the reader to continue reading your composition. In the main part, you will write the very funny story about your mom that you wrote about in the previous sentence.

This part of your essay should be the biggest. No less than 8-10 sentences. The story must be complete, it shouldn’t be chopped off at the most interesting place. In the end, you will praise the mother for her love and care for you. Write a few warm and tender words to her. 4-6 sentences will be enough to make the beginning and the end be about the same volume. But personally, you can say much more to your mother!

Great tips on how to write an essay about mother

There are some tips for successful essay writing. If now you have a clean slate and you are going to write an essay about your mother, then try to use some of them: when you find out the topic, do not rush immediately write whatever comes to your mind. If you are sure that you want to remember some idea, write it down, but it is better to write the full essay a little later. On the way home from school you can think about what your mom would you like to tell all your friends and classmates. Talk to the mom about the story that you have chosen. Isn’t this story some kind of family secret? It is a bad idea to write an essay about your mother without asking her advice.

If a plan does not come to your mind, write all the thoughts on paper. Reread, understand the structure and try to write a plan based on what you have written. Check whether all parts of the works are from one another. The smooth transition is a key to a good evaluation. Before you rewrite the essay about a mother on a clean copy, you should carefully re-read it, try to look for errors. Then you can write it on a clean sheet of paper.

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